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Nov 11, 2022
Android 5 and up

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THEY ARE COMING: An army of enemy minions is attacking your castle. Pick your weapons and make a full-speed attack on them. Can get upgraded They are Coming with APK for Android.

Don’t let a single guy get lost, and avoid any obstructions so you can quickly face the enemy. Keep your forces prepared for the deadliest battle; because the battlefield is set. To gain the upper hand on the red army, observe movement before the 

Playing in a game with ghosts is always entertaining. You will only ever shoot at zombies in the game They Are Coming! Enjoy and upgrade your weaponry!

Today’s movies, tv programs, and video games frequently feature zombies, a mythical species. You can demand a bunch of action, drama, and shooting when zombies are engaged. They make the ideal enemies in games where players may enjoy shooting them as they run because of this. Play They Are Coming right away if you’re still looking for a good zombie shooting game!

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What Are They Are Coming Mod Apk?

We are all aware that zombies are fictitious, living dead. They Are Coming Mod Apk are people from the past who contracted a zombie-causing virus after being bitten by another virus. Numerous films, television programs, and video games have explored the zombie topic throughout the years, which has made it incredibly popular. They are widely visible because of their popularity, and they have somewhat ingrained themselves into our culture. Even though they are only imagining it, They Are Coming is nevertheless extremely frightened.

They are coming now. Zombies make up your foes, and there are lots of them. Several zombie hordes will be firing various weapons at you every day. Shotguns, sniper rifles, handguns, automatic rifles, machine guns, and suits are all available for equipping here. To keep them away from you, you can also buy hammers and nets. So that you can avoid zombies even at the nearby border, get fighting guns available soon.

Every day as you play, you will develop difficulties such as zombie waves. However, what matters most is that you enjoy yourself and have a great time hitting them. Due to its side physics and classic pixel art are used in the game.

Features Of They Are Coming Mod Apk:

Zombies have appeared in numerous television episodes and motion pictures up to this point. But playing with them never gets old for us.

Shoot zombies: These days, we are accustomed to seeing zombies everywhere. They are now so popular in popular culture that we can find them on t-shirts, mugs, and video games. Because of this, we like playing zombie games, such as a recent title by OnHit.Dev. You may battle zombies in this game, which combines shooting and defense games. Just have pleasure in utilizing perseverance and weaponry to battle waves of zombies.

Here, you can obtain and unlock a variety of weaponry, including handguns, shotguns, machine guns, sniper rifles, and more. MP5K, Saiga 12, Karabiner 98K, and other models are available. Additionally, you can purchase amusing weaponry like sharp scissors and crowbars for use in combat. To protect oneself from zombies, you can even set a trap in front of you!

Enjoy zombie shooting games with realistic 3D graphics and action. It was a Zombie Shooting & Rescue. Most people become weary of this game because they’ve been playing it for so long. So this crazy fun game combines shooting and survival. You can use it to shoot at enemies from a distance while putting up barriers like boulders, obstructions, and other traps. Don’t let the zombies get close to you; shoot them instead.


Zombie Shooting and Defense: There is a tonne of entertaining shooting zombie games with 3D visuals and gameplay that look and feel genuine. These games have been played so frequently throughout the years that most people are sick of them. Due to this, this game mixes both shooting and defense into one wild and exciting experience. This one lets you trap yourself using traps like roadblocks, stones, and many more while shooting attackers from a distance. By shooting them, keep the zombies away from you.

Buy Weapons: Zombies are difficult to kill deadly creatures. Guns are one of the best tools to use against them because of this. You can purchase a wide bunch of weapons in this game, including shotguns, sniper rifles, and pistols. The Mac-11, Glock17, Desert Eagle, Remington 870, double-barreled shotgun, as well as other weapons are numerous throughout the game. In addition, combat weapons like the baseball bat, battle knife, crowbar, and others are available for equipping.

Traps and Skills: You can purchase additional skills in this game, including kick training, speed training, strength training, and many others. However, you can set up traps in your path, including numerous blockages and others. You can also equip first aid so you won’t expire rapidly.

Ragdoll physics and pixel graphics: Using pixel graphics and ragdoll physics, They Are Coming is an entertaining game. You can play this classic zombie shooter and kicking performance.

Download Information:

File Name They Are Coming Apk
version V1.6.8
File type Apk
File size 31.9MB
Developer OnHit.Dev
Requirement Android 5 and up


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